Highest Paid Korean Actresses 2021-2022 (Top 10)

What are the episode salaries for Korean actresses? Who earns the most money as an actress in Korea? What are the salaries of Korean actresses? Here is a list of the top ten highest paid Korean actresses to try and answer these and many more questions.

Check out the highest-paid Korean actresses, including Dream Girl Park Shin-hye, Hometown Cha Cha’s Shin Min-ah, Vincenzo’s Song Hye-kyo, and ‘My Sassy Girl’ Jun Ji-hyun.

Top 10 Korean ctresses in terms of pay

1. Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye is really adorable. a girl of many people’s dreams. Last year, she made $30 million each episode. Additionally, she landed many ads with Prada and Valentino! You can probably guess how much she made! Park was rated 33rd in 2015, 12th in 2017, and 40th in 2021 on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list.

2. Shin Min-ah

Shin Min-a, the sweetheart of “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” also makes a lot of money. The most attractive actress in the world at age 37 makes millions of won every episode. She is included among the top 10 best paid Korean actresses of 2022 as a result.

The acting skills of this woman are excellent. She co-starred with So Ji Sub in the play Oh My Venus, which received a lot of acclaim for her performance. She is also highly recognised for her roles in the dramas Tomorrow With You and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. Currently, her relationship with Kim Woo Bin is well-known. Each episode brings about $27,000 USD for her.

3. Park Bo-young

not only talented, but also attractive. The eighth most paid actress in Korea is Park Bo-young. She is renowned for her outstanding acting prowess. She is so gifted that she receives recognition for nearly every part she does. Many people enjoy her drama series Oh My Ghost. She has also appeared in A Werewolf Boy, Scandal Makers, and On Your Wedding Day.

Park Bo-young, a 31-year-old actress with a stunning appearance, is one of the best paid Korean actresses. She receives a US$27,300 episode salary.

4. Gong Hyo-jin

She is considered as one of South Korea’s most gifted people. Her appearances in drama episodes have always been well-received. The “Queen of Ratings” is another name for her. Last year, she appeared in When the Camellia Blooms alongside Kang Ha-neul. The actress was given the prestigious Grand Prize, and they both won the “Best Couple Award.”

Additionally, Gong Hyo Jin has appeared in the films Crush & Blush, Thank you, Pasta, and The Greatest Love. She receives US$36,500 every episode.

5. Kim Tae-hee

For many reasons, Kim Tae-hee is the girl of dreams. Her appeal hasn’t changed throughout the years, and some people refer to her as a goddess. She earned her degree from Seoul National University, demonstrating her brilliance and good looks. She is well recognised for her work on the Korean dramas Stairway to Heaven, Love Story at Harvard, and My Princess.

The most attractive and most paid Korean actress in 2022 is the 41-year-old Kim Tae-hee. Each episode pays her $37,000 USD.

6. Ha Ji-won

Despite making her acting debut as a villain, Jeon Hae Rim received the same level of praise for her work as the leading ladies. In Damo, Hwang Jini & Empress Ki, and Something Happened in Bali, she played the lead role. She and Hyun Bin portrayed the main characters in the drama series Secret Garden in 2010, which established several records for drama series that are still in use today.

Ha Ji-won, 43, is among the top paid Korean actresses in 2022. She receives $45,000 USD for each episode.

7. Choi Ji-woo

One of the most attractive and well-paid Korean actresses is Choi Ji-woo. She is cute for a variety of reasons. Although she has played a range of parts in several dramas, she is most recognised for her work in the films Beautiful Days, Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, and Women with a Suitcase.

Among the honours Choi Ji-woo has received is the Baeksang Arts Award. Most of her followers were overjoyed to see her in the drama series Crash Landing on You in 2020. She receives $46,000 USD for each episode.

8. Lee Young-ae

For her part in the drama Dae Jang Geum, she is highly recognised. As ever, LEE YOUNG-AE is stunning. She made her acting debut in the drama “How’s Your Husband?” in 1993, and at the SBS Drama Awards, she won for Best New Actress. Her excellent performance in the historical drama Jewel in the Palace from 2003 cemented her place in the entertainment industry. Koreans have appreciation for her personal life.

She has appeared in several different movies and TV shows, including First Kiss, One Fine Spring Day, Gangnam Beauty, and numerous other Kdramas. She is one of the top Hallyu performers and has won several acting accolades. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t appreciate her beauty and acting skills. Every episode earns her 200 million won in compensation.

9. Song Hye-kyo

A Song Hye-kyo Instagram post costs 500 million won. Additionally, Song Hye-kyo receives an endorsement fee of up to 900 million won ($748,674). Imagine the amount of money she makes per episode! It’s hardly surprising that the second-highest paid Korean actress is this stunning woman.

She has been in several well-known plays, the most popular of which include Descendants of the Sun, That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Autumn in My Heart. She was placed sixth in 2018 and seventh in 2017 on Forbes magazine’s list of Korea’s Power Celebrities. She became a prominent Hallyu celebrity due to the popularity of her television dramas on a global scale. Every scene nets her $54,400 USD.

10. is Jun Ji-hyun

The most paid Korean actress in 2021 is Jun Ji Hyun. Only Jun Ji-hyun is a female star at the top spot! Jun Ji-estimated hyun’s net worth as of the end of 2021 is $6 million (source). Additionally, the highest-paid Korean star in 2022 is 40-year-old Jun Ji Hyun. According to metro.style, Jun Ji Hyun receives up to one billion won for her advertising and up to 100 million won every episode.

This actress made her modelling debut for a fashion magazine at the age of 15. She rose to stardom after being chosen for the role of “My Sassy Girl” in 2001. JUN JI-HYUN has consistently received high appreciation for her work in drama series, and she is presently regarded as one of South Korea’s top actresses. She receives $99,000 USD for each episode.

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