Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Visit in 2022

Top 10 Low Cost Destinations for Travel and Living in 2022

Do you long to get back to packing your bag and heading to the airport? Why can’t you wait till your next vacation to a secluded beach in Australia or Costa Rica to feel the warm sand beneath your feet? Or do you utilise your abandoned surfboard in the basement to make a sound? There are several justifications for planning your next journey. But frequently, your vacation budget dashes your hopes! Do you require information on the greatest and most affordable places to visit and live?

If you believed that this year’s adventures were ended, I have the ideal donation for you! I’m going to provide some affordable, exciting trip locations that are doable on a tight budget! You may find out where a low budget journey is worth and what awaits you there in the coming lines! What say you, then? Let’s begin!

Which nation is the least expensive and safest to live in? The ten cheapest places to live and travel in 2022 are shown below.

1. Greece

You may have a comfortable and affordable night’s sleep on the well-known Greek islands, as well as purchase a range of delectable dishes for a low cost. Greece is likely the most undervalued nation when it comes to inexpensive vacation spots. Greece should thus be on your radar for your next holiday because it offers historical landmarks, a clear blue sea, and mouthwatering wine.

2. Argentina

Due to its dynamic nightlife, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is frequently referred to be one of the most entertaining cities in the world. The city is situated in one of Latin America’s least expensive travel destinations. For less than €40 a day, you can experience the vibrant and luxurious lifestyle of Argentina’s capital if you avoid the wild party evenings. But when you can explore such natural treasures like the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, who wants to live in a metropolis or metropolitan area?

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is like a paradise, with the finest sand beach, mountains draped with clouds, waterfalls, tea plantations, and palm trees that sway in the breeze. Numerous travel guides state this. However, you may also anticipate enjoying a substantial fish dish, going on a forest excursion, or staying in a beachfront hotel. And all of this for a bargain: Sri Lanka is a genuine fantasy destination with lush scenery and lovely beaches for less than 25 euros per day.

4. Bulgarian

In recent years, people from all over the world have been flocking to the Black Sea resorts. Most likely because the summers and sunlight in Bulgaria are exactly as lovely as those in Spain or Italy, just less expensive. The capital, Sofia, as well as the southern cities of Burgas and Varna, both provide hearty meals, a welcoming ambiance, and several picturesque views if you prefer a city excursion than a beach vacation. Bulgaria is quite stunning to look at and provides something for every style of holiday.

5. Honduras

Guatemala, Belize, and Costa Rica are all countries. Honduras is the least expensive vacation spot in Central America, thus real bargain seekers travel there. Due to its reputation as being fully safe, the nation is not extremely popular with travellers. But you may travel to a low-cost Caribbean paradise if you want to learn about the present political climate beforehand and avoid specific locations. The nation has pristine white sand beaches with palm trees, a clear blue water, and incredibly affordable, delectable food.

6. Hungary

Every European journey should include a stop in Budapest, the elegant and ancient city of Hungary on the Danube. Although it is no longer as inexpensive as it was before low-cost airlines began to fly there, the costs are still reasonable. The best thing to do is to treat yourself to a decadent piece of cake, sip some schnapps as a nightcap, and then work up a sweat in the soothing thermal baths—all at a terrific price—because in Budapest, you can never pass up a good deal.

7. Bolivia

It continues with one of South America’s most affordable travel destinations. In Bolivia, the largest salt flat on earth, Salar de Uyuni, you may capture images as unique as the one seen above. The ancient town Calle Jaén, for example, is a particularly picturesque location right in the centre of La Paz.

The best-preserved colonial alley in Bolivia may be found here. Furthermore, Bolivia has some of the most affordable food costs in South America. For instance, a bottle of Pacea beer and a bowl of Chairo cost less than two euros each in the restaurant (potato soup). All you need is beer and soup.

8. India

If you want to, you may easily spend a lot of money in India, especially if you plan to go shopping or stay in a five-star hotel. In Delhi, prices may rise as rapidly as they do in Dubai. Even if you want to use a cab, the cost of living is modest outside of the tourist and upscale districts. India is one of the cheapest places to travel because a day there costs only approximately 15-20 euros.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam continues to be one of the world’s most affordable nations to live in, despite its rising popularity. Additionally one of the least expensive vacation spots. A lot of the cities, especially the rural ones, have stunning scenery: Even while it might seem a little less restful, the dynamic city of Hanoi is equally as thrilling as the nation’s vivid rice fields. You can get by on about 15 to 20 euros* each day, and everything is already included. There are no restrictions if you wish to give yourself a bit extra luxury.

10. Cambodia

On my list of the nations with the lowest cost of living, Cambodia comes in #1. Cambodia is also among the least expensive and safest places to go. A night at a hotel costs just about ten euros, a delicious lunch even less. Because Cambodia is so inexpensive, you feel bad about spending so little. Only a few tourists visited Cambodia in the past, but today the majority of travellers go the backpacker way, and you should too.

The most popular and intriguing temple complex in the entire world, Angkor Wat, is the main draw of the nation. It’s absolutely worth the trip since it’s spiritual, spectacular, and affordable.

Because of all your travels, many people think that you have either won the jackpot or have another undiscovered source of money. The majority of individuals are unaware that travel need not be pricey! Traveling, in my opinion, is frequently not a luxury but a necessity! Of course, it depends on your needs, and if you’d rather stay in a four- or five-star hotel than in a basic hostel bed along the road, the cost will reflect this.

With a little luck, you may have a lot of experience for very little money if you drop your expectations a little and are flexible with things like the travel duration and departure airport.

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